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Make Exercise Fun ~ Colorado Series

Great tip if you’re getting tired of working out… Making exercise FUN!

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In Colorado this week, I had the incredible experience of watching the Rockies play the Cincinnati Reds. I watched the players sprint like crazy to catch a fly ball and throw their bodies on the ground to reach a base.

This got me to thinking:

Exercise feels effortless if it’s part of a game.

These players are more focused on getting their opponents “out” than how their muscles might ache from physical activity.

I remember playing sports in high school and not even realizing I was physically exhausted until after the game, whereas now my physical pain is usually the first thing on my mind while working out in the gym.

Our main mission on our health and fitness journeys should then be to MAKE EXERCISE FUN, so that you don’t notice you’re working out.

The problem with exercising occurs when exercise is the ONLY thing you’re focusing on. If…

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Happy Father’s Day to all Dads, Take Care of Yourself — Feel Healthy with Dr. Scott Lear

Below is an article I wrote for the Father’s Day edition of my hospital’s newsletter that appeared last week and I have been given permission to share it here. As a father, I love Father’s Day. That and my birthday are the two days of the year I feel like a king in my house. My […]

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Common Causes of Sciatica

There is number of lumbar spine disorders that cause sciatica. Sciatica is known as a mild to intense pain, which can be felt in the right or left leg. There are also instances where both legs are affected by the pain. Sciatica is due to the compression of nerves in a person’s lower back. 

Causes of Sciatica PainAnother term used by doctors is Radiculopathy. It is a medical term, which describes weakness, tingling, numbness, and pain in the legs or arms, which is caused by the nerve problem. Now, when the pain is in the neck and is caused by the nerves, then this is called cervical radiculopathy. Since the lower back is the one affected by sciatica, it is then known as lumbar radiculopathy.

Sciatica Nerve Pain

Causes of Sciatica PainThe sciatic nerve is made out of 5 sets of nerve roots, which is located in the lumbar spine. This nerve starts at the back of sacrum and runs through the back of the buttock, through the hip until it reaches the leg. These nerve roots may not be structures that are solitary, but they are part of the nervous system, which can transmit pain. It can also transmit different kinds of sensation in different parts of the body. Sciatica pain occurs when the nerve is being compressed. 

There are common causes of Sciatica that you should know about. Let’s get to them now and get to know each:

Herniated Disc

Causes of Sciatica PainOne of the most common causes of sciatica is a herniated disc. This kind of problem happens when the nucleus breaks through the body’s annulus fibrosus. This problem can press the nerve root and the nerve tissues that are delicate, which can then cause sciatica. A herniated disc can also cause nerve inflammation because the disc contains a chemical and acidic irritant. Besides extreme pain, an individual can also feel muscle weakness, tingling, and numbness.


Causes of Sciatica PainSpondylolisthesis is known as a disorder that can affect an individual’s lumbar spine. It is often characterized by a single vertebra that is slipping forward over a vertebra that is adjacent. Now, when the vertebra slips and becomes displaced, the spinal nerve root will get compressed. This will then cause sciatica pain in the leg. Spondylolisthesis can be developed during childhood or even at birth. Sometimes it can also be from spinal degeneration, physical stress, or trauma.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

Causes of Sciatica NerveSpinal Stenosis is known as a nerve compression disorder, which can affect older adults. Due to this disorder, leg pain can occur, which can be mistaken for sciatica. The pain felt is positional, wherein it can be brought by certain activities like walking or standing. The pain is then relieved by sitting down.

Piriformis Syndrome

Causes of Sciatica PainPiriformis syndrome is the pain that is caused by the piriformis muscle. This muscle can be found in the spine’s lower part. It is connected to the thighbone and helps in the rotation of the hip. The sciatic nerve usually runs in the piriformis muscle, and when muscle spasms occur, it will compress the sciatic nerve, which can cause pain. 

These are some of the most common causes of sciatica pain. If you’ve been experiencing sciatica pain, then consulting your doctor about this is ideal. In this way, he can help you in treating the pain and give you back the pain free life that you deserve.

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Today Is Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday – The Ceremony of Washing Feet

The Tony Burgess Blog

(From The Episcopal Church Website) The Thursday in Holy Week. It is part of the Triduum, or three holy days before Easter. It comes from the Latin mandatum novum, “new commandment,” from John 13:34. The ceremony of washing feet was also referred to as “the Maundy.” Maundy Thursday celebrations also commemorate the institution of the eucharist by Jesus “on the night he was betrayed.”

This evening at my parish, St. Peter’s Episcopal we will observe this event as a part of our Holy Week observances. Easter is one day, an important day but the story of it all begins on Palm Sunday leading up to Good Friday. The story of Easter is not complete without it’s backstory.

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What To Look For When Choosing A Dentist Next Time


Choosing a dentist can become a tough task at times due to the fact that there are many individuals operating in the market and you may not know who is the best among them. Lest you want to keep it simple and find the best dentist without facing any trouble, then pay attention to some of the most important points, such as-

Use of Latest Technology

Pain and dentistry are often correlated with each other, but in today’s time when there are so many technologies available in the market, they shouldn’t be. The one thing that plays a crucial role here is the use of the latest technology. While planning to hire a dentist, make sure you take a close look at the latest technologies used by him. The better the technology, the higher are the chances that you won’t have to face any painful experience there.

Past Track Record

You cannot just rely on someone who doesn’t carry a good track record in the past and is known for ruining dental cases of people from different parts of the world. Doing so will make you scared for the rest of your life and won’t allow you to trust anyone else ever. That’s where a good track record makes the difference. Whenever you decide to select a dentist, check his past track record and the reputation he carries in the market. Even if there is 1% doubt, don’t go with him.


Is the Staff Good & Supportive?

It’s not just the dentist who creates a difference in patients’ lives, but also the staff-members preset at the clinic. If they are friendly and supportive, then chances are you’ll have a great time. But if the staff-members are not friendly, then you may have to face the worst nightmare of your life. So, take a close look at the staff members before making a final call.

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